30 Genius Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Aglio Olio

You’ve probably heard the Trader’s Joe’s Aglio Olio spice blend! It’s garlicky, a little spicy, and seriously delicious. But want to know exactly how to use it?! Pasta is the obvious choice, but why stop there? Think eggs, veggies, even popcorn! So you’ve grabbed a jar, now let’s look at 30 ways to use Trader Joe’s Aglio Olio!

A photo of the bottle of Trader Joe's spice Aglio Olio.


1. Sprinkled on fish

Coat your fish with a bit of olive oil or cooking spray and generously sprinkle with Aglio Olio and bake/pan fry.

2. Sprinkled on pizza

Kick up your pizza with generous sprinkles!

3. A spice for grilled, baked or pan-cooked chicken

This bruschetta chicken is soooo quick and easy!

4. Mixed with olive oil for bread-dipping

This spices pairs SO well with warm, crusty bread and olive oil.

5. Sprinkled in tomato soup (or any soup!)

I love it in TJ’s tomato soup, but it’s also good in “Italian-style” soups.

6. Sprinkled on scrambled eggs or a dipper for hardboiled eggs

Scrambled eggs with Aglio Olio is pretty much my daily breakfast!

7. On any air-fried or baked veggie

Coat veggies with a bit of olive oil and many generous shakes of this spice!

8. To spice up a basic red pasta sauce

Stir it right into jarred marinara sauce for tons of flavor.

9. On avocado or cream cheese toast

You thought Everything But the Bagel seasoning was good on avocado toast?! This is better!

10. Sprinkled on home fries or hashbrowns

You can’t go wrong! It pairs so well with potatoes.

11. Sprinkled on top of bruschetta

You can use the TJ’s bruschetta or make your own. Either way, it’s not complete without Aglio Olio!

12. To make spaghetti aglio olio (spaghetti with garlic and olive oil)

This recipe is actually on the spice jar: Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of seasoning blend. Toss with 1/2 lb of cooked spaghetti. Don’t forget lots of Parmesan cheese! OR in this Garlicky Pasta with Chicken dish!

13. Seasoning for hamburgers or turkey burgers

Mix about a tablespoon of seasoning into 1lb. ground meat.

14. Sprinkled on garlic bread

This spice makes DIVINE garlic bread! I can’t make my garlic bread without this spice blend!

15. Sprinkled on cottage cheese

Perfect high-protein snack.

16. Sprrinkled on mac and cheese

You thought mac and cheese couldn’t get better…until you sprinkle it with Aglio Olio!

17. Sprinkled over shrimp scampi

I like to use this on my shrimp scampi at the very end.

18. Mixed in with hummus

Simple, yummy snack or spread for wraps.

19. Sprinkled on salads

It especially kicks up an Italian chopped salad or even a traditional green salad.

20. On an Italian sandwich

It’s amazing mixed with the “salad” on this Italian Grinder sandwich!

21. In an egg casserole, frittata or quiche

Sprinkle it before OR after you bake it!

22. Chicken marinade with garlic, olive oil, and lemon

This especially delish with chicken thighs on the grill.

23. Sprinkled on popcorn

Mix with a little olive oil and drizzle over popcorn for a totally “gourmet” snack!

24. Sprinkled on top of chicken parmesan

Also perfect on this Ravioli Chicken Parm!

25. Sprinkled in peri peri chicken

I have been making this peri peri chicken for a long time, but just recently discovered how amazing it is when you sprinkle this spice blend over the top at the end!

26. Mixed into homemade meatballs

I typically use about a tablespoon of this spice blend for every 1lb. of meat.

27. Mixed with mayo as a sandwich spread

ANY sandwich will be kicked up with Agli Olio mayo!

28. Sprinkled on baked potatoes

Cheese, sour cream, Aglio Olio…doesn’t get better!

29. Mixed with ricotta cheese as a spread for crackers

Quick, simple little appetizer or to put on a charcuterie board.

30. Quick, delicious appetizer

Here’s a yummy (easy) app I make a lot: toasted bread, spread with creme fraiche, Trader Joe’s bruschetta (in the plastic tub), then sprinkled with Aglio Olio and topped with fresh basil.


How spicy is Trader Joe’s Aglio Olio spice blend

There are six ingredients listed on the label and red pepper flakes is the 5th ingredient. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this seasoning blend about a 3-4. The spice/heat is pretty subtle. It’s heavier on the garlic than the spice.

Is this spice blend seasonal?

I am assuming it is, because I don’t see it year-round. I know for sure it’s usually available in the spring/summer. It can be hit or miss in the winter months, based on my experiences.

Pro Tip: Buy multiple jars!!!

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