Simplify the blogging process with practical, actionable steps to explode your blog!

Learn the techniques i used to grow my blog to nearly 500,000 page views and consistently make 5 figures a month.

Did you just start a food blog and want to kickstart your growth?

Or are you a food blogger who feels totally stuck and overwhelmed with all the different advice out there?

I GET IT!! I was in your shoes about 2 1/2 years ago. Over those 2 1/2 years, I created systems, processes, and a workflow that cut through all of the “shiny objects” and focused on getting traffic…without burnout or overwhelm.

Simplify the blogging process with practical, actionable steps.

Learn the exact processes I have used to grow my blog to 500k page views per month.

Use the exact templates, checklists, and resources I have used and STILL USE to this day!


  • Hybrid e-book and video course on the EXACT strategies I used to grow my blog from 0 to 500,000 page views.
  • 7 content-packed modules with practical strategies and advice you can start implementing RIGHT NOW!
  • 20 videos that walk you through my keyword research process, how I write a blog post, and how to make a web story.
  • 10+ pages of templates, checklists, and resources to get you organized and to simplify the blogging process.
The Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers Course has truly been a game-changer for me, and I believe it's the only course a blogger really needs. Despite my years of experience in the blogging world, I found myself stuck in a cycle of starting, feeling overwhelmed, and quitting. That all changed when I discovered Casey's course. It's comprehensive, insightful, and filled with actionable advice. One of the techniques I learned has already cut the time it takes me to write a blog post in half! For the first time, I genuinely feel equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to grow my blog. Implementing the strategies from the course has led to a significant increase in my monthly visitors in just a short period of time. If you're serious about taking your blog to the next level, I can't recommend this course highly enough!
Casey Rooney from Get On My Plate is not only a wonderful food blogger but also an inspiring teacher and coach. I came to Casey in need of help, and she openly shared information that has helped me make major improvements on my food blog, Delectable Food Life. It's rare in today's world to meet someone with such natural teaching ability and kindness. She's the real deal! I highly recommend you reach out to her for coaching or to purchase her online class. It's valuable information you will be able to implement right away.
Enrolling in the 'SMART STRATEGIES FOR FOOD BLOGGERS' course was a game-changer for my blogging journey. As someone who felt overwhelmed by the complexities of driving traffic to my food blog, this course was a breath of fresh air. Casey's hands-on approach, using a real recipe as an example, brilliantly described the entire process of writing a blog post with a keen eye on SEO.
Casey's Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers was really helpful. Navigating the blogging world can be super overwhelming, and Casey breaks down actionable steps you can take to start ranking on google and build a successful food blog. My favorite parts were the video examples of how to do keyword research and how to incorporate them into the post. I wish I had this resource when I first started, and am looking forward to making a few key changes in my current workflow. THANK YOU Casey for making this! Even though it can seem a bit calculated, I know it's important to understand and execute on to create a successful blog. I highly recommend it.
The "Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers Course" is the only course new and existing bloggers will need to get started and grow their blogs! Casey holds nothing back and shares all of her success tips clearly by drawing back the curtain on the exact process that scaled her blog. Not only does she share the tools to simplify the blogging process but she shares how to use them! Casey is always rooting for you and provides the most up-to-date best practices for food bloggers in an affordable format. She's a natural teacher and genuinely loves to help her students, as demonstrated in the community where she personally shows up for questions! I highly recommend this course! You will not be disappointed!

Course Curriculum

Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers course module outline.
Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers course module outline.
Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers course module outline.
Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers course module outline.
Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers course module outline.
I thought I knew just enough about SEO, but after doing Casey’s "Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers Course", I soon realised I was having myself on!! (jokes on me ha ha!).   An eye-opener to say the least.  I was amazed at all the gaping holes I had in my blog posts. It was like I was baking the cake before mixing it in the bowl! I went through Casey's course slowly and took in all the info piece by piece in her easy-to-follow PDF and video formats.  It felt like Casey took me by the hand, especially in the guided Rank IQ videos on finding the right keywords and where to fit them into the templated blog post she had also created in the course. My favourite part was updating old blog posts and seeing how important it was to do.  I’ve already seen a jump in visits to my site.  Thank you, Casey, for making the nightmare puzzle of blogging easier to understand by breaking it down step by step.
This course was wonderful! I especially loved watching how Casey put a post together from the keyword research, through RankIQ, and then watching her video which showed how it all works together. Fabulous. I have done courses where we did keyword research or used RankIQ but having the follow-through to the post has been perfect! I am also stealing her workflow and putting it into use within my week. Thank you Casey for this amazing course!
I purchased your course for Black Friday & binged it over the holidays- thank you so much for creating it! I love the mix of video and pdf…it actually makes it very convenient when I am trying to find that one piece of information and I don't have to scroll through countless videos.
I am so pleased I found Casey and Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers. I had been struggling with my blog for so long. However, since implementing Casey’s strategies, I’m FINALLY seeing results and excited to be blogging again. I have more focus, can write posts quicker than ever, and have more than tripled my traffic!


I’m Casey.  Wife, teacher and mom of 3. I started my blog Get On My Plate in January of 2021. Armed with only a passion for food and a strong work ethic (SEO, what? Who’s SEO?!), I grew my blog to 50,000 sessions by November of 2021. Two and a half years later, my blog was at nearly 500,000 monthly page views.

I started my blog during the pandemic as a hobby but once I started to get into it and learn more, I knew pretty quickly that I could make this a profitable business that would give me the flexibility to dictate my schedule and work when and where I wanted. 

Blogging and helping other bloggers just like you has brought me such an immense amount of joy, a sense of accomplishment, financial flexibility, and something that I can truly call my own. Yep, it’s freaking hard work. But it’s so worth it. Join me on the journey!

Casey's Smart Strategies for Food Bloggers Course has been a complete game changer for me! Since implementing her strategies from the course (just over a 5-6 week period now), my blog traffic has already gone up by over 2k pageviews/month! This is huge for me, as I've been at a plateau for about a year and have been blogging on and off for 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a hybrid video + e-book course. Some things are better explained “live” and some are better written out. Having a hybrid course also helps keeps the cost down for you vs. having a video-only course.

No. Pinterest is a whole other ball of wax! I want to make sure I am only giving you information that is tried and true and tested by ME! I don’t feel like I have enough solid information on Pinterest at this point to be helpful. I highly recommend Allison Lancaster and her team for everything Pinterest related!

This course is best if you already have a food blog up and running, but maybe just beginning the journey. It’s also perfect for food bloggers who have had their blog for awhile but just feel stuck and overwhelmed. 

Absolutely! If I change a strategy or find a strategy no longer works, I will update the course. You will get all updates for free, of course!