Trader Joe’s Weekly Fun Finds (Lunch Meat, Veggies, Pickles, Candles, and one FAIL!)

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Fun Find #1: Delicatessen Style Meats-Applewood Smoked Uncured Ham ($4.99)

Trader Joe's Deli Style Ham.

I typically buy the TJ’s Black Forest Uncured Ham, but when I switched to this one, my kids immediately noticed! It was so hilarious they all asked, “What kind of ham was that? It’s so good!”

Positive comments like this from my teens are rare, you see!

I have to agree with them, I hope they never discontinue this line of lunchmeat because it’s so good! It’s sliced a bit thicker and the pieces are HUGE. And like the other ham, there are no added nitrates. They have turkey, too!

Fun Find #2: Pickled Pups ($4.99)

A box of Trader Joe's Pickled Pups.

TJ’s is full-on pickle right now and since we all love pickles at my house, we are trying all the things! These pickled mini corn dogs were a hit!

We air-fried them and they were perfectly crispy and had just enough pickle flavor to be flavorful without being over the top. This was a win!

Hint: Serve them with the dill pickle mustard!!!!

Fun Find #3: Salted Caramel Pistacchio Candle ($3.99)

Trader Joe's Caramel Pistacchio candle.

Grab these candles (and the whole “Brazil Nut” line) while you can! Typically a summertime thing, I am so happy to see the hot pink back!

This candle has a warm, beachy, salted caramel smell and like the rest of the line, it just screams summer! Grab a few, because they will be gone soon!

Fun Find #4: Ready Veggies ($3.99)

A package of Trader Joe's ready veggies.

TJ’s switches up the blend of these veggies every so often, but I am LOVING this blend of broccoli, shaved brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, carrots, and snow peas. They are perfect for stir fries with an added protein, or just use them for a side dish.

Last week, I stir-fried them with a little of the TJ’s Soyaki sauce and they were deish!

Trader Joe’s Fail: Mini Shrimp Bao ($4.99)

A box of Trader Joe's mini shrimp Bao.

Ok, I typically love 99% of TJ’s products, but I have to point out the fails, too. These Mini Shrimp Bao were a fail for me.

While they look super gourmet and enticing on the box, they obviously do not come with the thinly sliced carrots or cucumbers–those you have to add yourself. It’s just the bao and the shrimp patty that you microwave or steam.

The shrimp patty was just OK, not super flavorful and the dipping sauce was meh…these just didn’t blow me away. They would be a very pretty appetizer but the problem is, you need to eat them warm right out of the steamer or microwave. If you don’t, the “bao” gets a little tough and who wants to eat a cold shrimp patty?

I’d pass on these.

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