I’m Casey. So happy to “meet” you! A little about me…

I have been married for 20 years to the love of my life. We are raising our three kiddos in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area ‘burbs (near Napa). I’m a foodie, I love red wine, writing, the color pink, coffee, traveling, country music, positive people, being outside, soccer, reality TV, and spending time with my family.

I’m a former advertising gal, turned special education teacher, turned mom. I currently work two days a week at my kid’s school, assisting the sweet kiddos who need a little extra help. I truly LOVE helping people! Whether it’s my kiddos at school, my family, coworkers, or you–my friends– I truly feel the most happy and fulfilled when I am HELPING.

When I am not creating in the kitchen, I also help fellow bloggers. I have appeared on blogging podcasts such as Food Blogger Pro and Eat, Blog, Talk, as well as sharing my story with Niche Pursuits. I also candidly share my blogging successes and struggles on my Blogging Resources page.

I am always busy but determined to keep life (and food!) as simple and fulfilling as possible. I’m not fancy, don’t love going out or dressing up. If you ask me what I want to do Friday night, the answer is always, stay home, eat pizza, and have a glass of wine 🙂

One of the main struggles I hear from moms and busy women is constantly having to come up with meals to cook for their families! The goal of this blog is to show you that food does not have to be complicated! I’ve shared simple recipes on a few Fox40 cooking segments and I love showing people how to simplify their time in the kitchen.

I also love trying new restaurants and sharing those recommendations with friends…or the entire San Francisco Bay Area like I did here on a popular local show called Check, Please!

Here at Get On My Plate, I share easy recipes, meal planning, and simple kitchen tips to take the stress out of everyday cooking! You got this!

Thanks again for stopping by!!