I stepped outside of my comfort zone a few times, doing some cooking segments on live TV! I love sharing my recipes with people, as you know, but this gave me a chance to step away from the computer screen and appear on a TV screen! A MUCH different experience!

Casey Rooney and anchor Mae Fesai before live cooking segment on Fox 40.

In May 2021, I had the honor of appearing on the Sacramento Fox Affiliate morning news to cook up two of my favorite summer side dishes from the blog! I whipped up my Simple Sweet Corn Salad and my Perfect Orzo Salad.

I was inspired by this Podcast from Eat, Blog, Talk: How to Land a Cooking Segment on TV with Marie Fiebach. I followed Marie’s advice and I reached out to a couple of local stations and low and behold, I had an opportunity the next week!

Casey Rooney talking into mic on live cooking segment on Fox 40

Was it nerve racking? Heck yes! Live TV is NO JOKE! But the anchors and everyone on “set” are there to make sure you don’t make yourself (or them!) look like fools, soooooo there was that support 🙂

Would I do it again? Heck, yes! It was blast! You can watch the full segment here.

I also joined the Fox40 team again (post-Covid, sans masks!!) in their studio in July of 2021. This time, I walked viewers through exactly how to make my Brie Burger and also how to set up the perfect summer burger bar. Here are some oh-so-good glamour shots from that segment! BAHAHA! You can watch the full segment here on Fox40.