Quick & Easy Trader Joe’s Lunch Ideas

Lunch isn’t a meal I stress over. It’s either dinner leftovers, or something semi-homemade. Trader Joe’s is the perfect place for lunch ideas–there are TONS of incredible pre-made options, frozen options, and super easy meals you can throw together in minutes!

After lunch, you’ll need dinner, right? Here are 20 Insanely Easy Trader Joe’s Dinners to help you out 🙂 Also, don’t miss these Trader Joe’s Genius Hacks!!

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1. Premade Salad with Chicken

These grilled chicken strips are a GODSEND when it comes to quick, easy, and HEALTHY lunch ideas. Dice up a few and toss with a salad kit (this Avocado Ranch kit and the seasonal Dill Pickle salad kits are my FAVE!) – lunch is served.

Trader Joe's Grilled Chicken Strips.
Trader Joe's Avocado Ranch salad kit.

2. Tuna Salad

Shockingly good and not swimming in mayo, I like to pile this tuna salad on a slice of whole wheat bread with some sliced tomatoes. Or, for a low carb option, slice cucumbers and “dip” them into this yummy salad!

Trader Joe's tuna salad.

3. Lemon Basil Pasta Salad

This lemon basil pasta salad is super refreshing and a TJ’s cult fave! I like to add grilled chicken to it for some protein.

A container of Trader Joe's lemon basil pasta salad.

4. Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I don’t LOVE all the pre-made wraps at Trader Joe’s. Many of them can be soggy and just bland tasting. But my go-to is ALWAYS this buffalo chicken wrap. It comes with a tangy dipping sauce that’s divine!

Trader Joe's Buffalo Chicken wrap.

5. Soup & Salad

Easy breezy! Heat up this delicious tomato soup or pick a pre-made soup from the “deli/cold” aisle. Serve it with your favorite TJ’s bagged salad.

A carton of Trader Joe's creamy tomato soup.
Trader Joe's Avocado Ranch salad kit.

6. Egg Salad & Crackers

Not 30 minutes before I wrote this, I had a quick lunch of 1/2 container of this egg salad and some TJ’s multigrain crackers. So good!

A container of Trader Joe's Egg Salad.

7. Easy Gyro or “Salad”

You can put this Tzatziki sauce on just about anything and it will make it amazing! Wrap chicken or these gyro slices in TJ’s pita bread or on a bed of greens and drizzle this sauce heavily over the top!

A box of Trader Joe's gyro sliced meat.
Trader Joe's tzatziki sauce.

8. Flat Bread Pizza

These pizza crusts cook up in about 6 minutes! So pile on your favorite toppings and lunch is served. This pizza is my all-time favorite combo!!

Trader Joe's flatbread pizza crust.

9. Chicken Tikka Masala

The TJ’s freezer section is a GOLDMINE for quick lunch ideas! The customer fave?? The chicken tikka masala. I have to agree – it’s DARN delish! Perfect little lunch!

Trader Joe's frozen chicken tikki masala.

10. Cuban Style Citrus Garlic Bowl

This Cuban-style bowl with chicken is also one of my go-to’s. It’s light, fresh and citrusy! Makes a great lunch.

Trader Joe's frozen Cuban Styler Bowl.

11. Dumplings

These are great if you work in an office because you can whip them up in the microwave in minutes! These Chicken Shu Mai are my current favorite TJ’s dumplings.

Don’t forget the Crunchy Chili Onion!!!

A box of Trader Joe's Shu Mai.

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12. Frozen Burrito

TJ’s changes up their frozen burrito selection every so often — they don’t have the old one I really liked with shredded chicken. But these bean, rice, and cheese ones are good, too. I love how they’re not too big–perfect for a smaller-sized lunch.

Package of Trader Joe's frozen bean burritos.

13. Protein Palette

I mean, can you go wrong with a mini charcuterie at your desk?? Grab one of these protein palettes to fuel up, or prep your own!

All you need is a “protein” or meat, a little cheese, a few crackers, nuts, and maybe some fruit. I LOVE this type of lunch!

Trader Joe's protein palette.

14. Cheeseburger Salad

If you have a little time to cook up a fresh or frozen burger (or have one leftover) this salad is to die for! Trader Joe’s Magnifisauce to the rescue!

Trader Joe's cheeseburger salad with a bottle of Trader Joe's Magnifisauce.


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