Incredibly Easy Trader Joe’s Spring Bouquet

Sooooo I am not much of an “artist”, let’s just say that. But when I saw how to make this gorgeous Trader Joe’s spring bouquet, I knew I could do it! I’ll show you the “professional” Trader Joe’s video, then my own version. Once you see the easy technique, you can mix and match it however you like!

Read more about seasonal flowers at Trader Joe’s…AKA: one of the best deals on the planet!

I didn’t do mine exactly like the video, but the concept is the same. I just bought (1) bunch of hydrangeas (3 large stems for $5.99), (1) bunch of call lilies ($5.99), and (1) bunch of “filler/greenery” ($3.99).

You can mix and match the flowers however you like. The concept is:

  • Big flowers (hydrangeas in my bouquet)
  • Smaller flowers (cala lilies in my bouquet)
  • Greenery (I just chose a pretty one from the “greenery” bin at TJ’s!)
Yield: 1 bouquet

How to Make a Trader Joe's Spring Bouquet

Trader Joe's spring bouquet.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 1 hydrangea plant or 1 bunch of hydrangeas
  • 1 monstera plant OR green filler
  • 1 cala lily plant OR 1 bunch of cala lilies (5-6)
  • Medium/small-sized vase filled with water


  • Scissors


  1. Cut your hydrangeas at the base of the stems. Pro tip: soak the flowers in water for 30 minutes to make them last longer!!
  2. Cut monstera at the base of the stems. Or, if using greenery, just cut them roughly the same length as the hydrangeas.
  3. Cut the call lilies (flowers only) at the base of the stems.
  4. Arrange: Start with the monstera/greenery: Place 3-4 large stems in your vase.
  5. Add hydrangeas: Add your hydrangea blooms to the vase, around the monstera.
  6. Add calla lilies: Place your calla lilies all around the vase, between the hydrangeas and monstera/greenery.
  7. Last, add a few more stems of Monstera/greenery if you have any leftovers!


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