How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Last in the Fridge?

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Homemade pumpkin pie is a holiday favorite! If you have leftover pumpkin pie from a big feast, you may ask yourself: How long does pumpkin pie last in the fridge?” Let’s find out what the FDA and USDA have to say about this, and also the best way to preserve and store your precious leftover pie!

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A slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Ahh, pumpkin pie! Is the holiday season really complete without it?! I think not!

I go back and forth between buying Costco pumpkin pie and making my own version. This easy pumpkin pie recipe without evaporated milk is one of my go tos. If I want to shake things up a bit and get decadent, this double-layer pumpkin pie is ALWAYS a hit, along with this Pumpkin Pie with Condensed Milk.

Since we usually have at least 2 pies for the holidays (apple pie, pecan pie, etc!), it seems there is always a bit of leftover pumpkin pie! So the question is….how long does pumpkin pie keep in the fridge?


According to a 2019 article from the USDA, homemade egg-rich pies such as pecan pie, custard pie and pumpkin pie, must be kept refrigerated after cooking and cooling. These pies can be kept 3-4 days in the fridge, says both the USDA and the FDA.

After this time, harmful bacteria may begin to form making the pie unsafe to eat.


The FDA’s official stance on food storage can all be found in this handy dandy Food Storage Guidelines Chart.

According to this FDA Food Storage Chart, pumpkin pie can safely sit out for two hours unrefrigerated (or on the kitchen counter).

Additionally, the FDA states, “Bakery items containing custard, meat or vegetables, and frostings made of cream cheese, whipped cream or eggs must be kept refrigerated.” ( Source: FDA Food Storage Guidelines Chart)


Some perishable pies, such as pumpkin and pecan, purchased at bakeries or grocery stores, may contain preservatives, so they may last longer at room temperature. You can consult the bakery or store for storage information or follow these guidelines:

Sell-by Date: This is just how long the store can display the product. It’s best to purchase the product by this date.

Use-By Date: The date is recommended for the best flavor and quality. This is NOT a food safety date!

Once you purchase a pumpkin pie at a store or bakery (by the sell-by date, of course), as long as it’s kept refrigerated at least 40°F or colder, it should be good for 3-4 days, per FDA guidelines.

It goes without saying if the pie has an off smell or seems to have any sort of bacteria growth OR if you are just unsure, just be safe and toss it!


There are a few sure-fire ways to know if your pumpkin pie has gone bad:

  • An off-smell
  • Any sort of mold or bacteria growth
  • Has an off-taste or appearance
  • Discoloration on any part of the pie

Use your gut feeling, too! If you feel like the pie is bad, don’t risk food poisoning! Just toss it! You can always make another one using this easy pumpkin pie recipe!


There are a few ways to store leftover pumpkin pie in the fridge:

Whole or Almost-Whole Pie

Make sure the pumpkin pie is completely cool. Then, cover the pie pan tightly with a layer or two of aluminum foil. Store pumpkin pie in the fridge (40°F or colder) for up to 4 days.

Just a Few Slices

Place leftover slices of pumpkin pie in an airtight container. Store in the fridge (40°F or colder) for up to 4 days. My favorite storage containers here.

When freezing your pumpkin pie, use several layers of plastic freezer wrap. This thicker wrap will do better at preventing freezer burns than regular plastic wrap.


Pumpkin pie freezes up well! To freeze an entire pie (or almost an entire pie), follow these steps:

  • If possible, bake your pumpkin pie in a disposable aluminum pie pan.
  • Allow the pie to cool completely.
  • Wrap pie in several layers of plastic freezer wrap. I like to press the first layer of plastic wrap gently onto the surface of the pie — this will help prevent excess moisture from accumulating on the surface and help to prevent freezer burn.
  • Optional: For good measure, I also like to place my wrapped pie in a large, heavy-duty freezer bag as well!
  • Label the pie and freeze flat for 1-2 months, per the FDA Guidelines.


Thawing a frozen pumpkin pie slowly is the way to go. Remove all but one layer of plastic wrap or coverings. Then, thaw in the fridge for about 12 hours.

Avoid thawing your pie at room temperature as this often causes a soggy crust!

Moisture may form on the surface of the pie, but that’s okay! Just blot it lightly with a paper towel. The moisture doesn’t affect at the taste at all!


  • Refrigerate Within 2 Hours: Cover the pie tightly with a layer of foil and store it in the fridge right away after about 2 hours of cooling.

  • Freeze Properly: Press a layer of plastic freezer wrap onto the surface of the pie to prevent moisture from forming and ruining the texture of the pie. Also, cover the pie tightly with several layers of plastic wrap. I also like to store the pie in a large freezer bag for extra protection!

  • Use an Aluminum Pie Pan: If you are freezing pumpkin pie, use an aluminum pie pan. The pie will freeze faster in this thin pan vs. a thick glass pie plate or ceramic pie pan. When it freezes more quickly, ice crystals tend not to form, which can ruin the texture of your delicious dessert!

  • Avoid Cross Contamination: Believe it or not, you’re more likely to get sick from cross-contamination than from eating old pumpkin pie! When prepping your Thanksgiving menu, turkey juices, raw eggs, and other items to prep your meal are flying about everywhere around your kitchen! Just be mindful of how you are prepping your food and follow hand washing and safe food handling practices.


Once in awhile, I will be making a pumpkin pie or two, and I will have a bit of leftover filling that I simply cannot cram into the pie shell! Here are a few ideas of what you can do with leftover pumpkin pie filling:

  • Pumpkin Hand Pies: These are super easy and you can make just a few with some store-bought pie crust!
  • Mini Pumpkin Pies: Who needs a full pie when you can have minis?!
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookies: Doesn’t get much easier than this! Perfect if you just have a little filling left over!
  • Pumpkin Crisp: Just use your leftover filling for the “pumpkin mixture” in this perfect fall recipe!


How long does pumpkin pie last in the freezer?

According to the FDA, for best flavor and quality, pumpkin pie is best if it’s consumed 1-2 months after freezing.

The FDA does point out that frozen foods are SAFE indefinitely as long as they are stored at 0°F or colder. However, pumpkin pie is best consumed within a month or two after freezing to maintain the best taste and quality.

Can I get food poisoning from eating old pumpkin pie?

Chances are slim unless you are eating super old pie! But yes, you can! You can get food poisoning from eating any moldy food, so don’t risk it!

Can you eat pumpkin pie after 5 days?

No. According to the FDA, egg-rich pies like pumpkin pie should be consumed within 3-4 days. (Source: FDA Food Storage Guidelines)

How long does pumpkin puree last?

If stored in an airtight container (and not in the can), pumpkin puree is good for up to one week in the fridge. As always, give it a good look and a good sniff, and use common sense before consuming it!

How long does Costco pumpkin pie last in the fridge?

Some perishable pies, such as pumpkin and pecan, purchased at bakeries or grocery stores, may contain preservatives, so they may last longer at room temperature.

Always purchase Costco pumpkin pies (or any store-bought pumpkin pies) by the sell-by date. The pie should then be fine in the fridge for 3-4 days after this date. To prolong the life of the pie, do not continue to store the pie on the counter after you bring it home.

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Classic Pumpkin Pie (without evaporated milk!)

A slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on a plate with a fork.

Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pie

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