The Best Trader Joe’s Flowers {by season!}

One of the biggest DEALS on the planet these days are Trader Joe’s flowers!!! I am rounding up a few of my favorites (by season) from the TJ’s flower section!

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The flower section at Trader Joe’s is my happy place! It usually greets you right near the entrance and is FULL for blooms at…wait for it…AFFORDABLE price points!

Hands down, TJ’s is the only place I buy flowers. End of story.


Good question! Two main reasons:

  • Direct Sourcing: Like most of their food products, Trader Joe’s eliminates the middleman. They purchase flowers directly from growers, cutting out wholesalers and the extra costs associated with them.

  • Simple Packaging: The presentation is no-frills. You won’t see vases and teddy bears like you do with some grocery store bouquets. Most Trader Joe’s flowers come in simple wrapping or tied with a ribbon, bypassing elaborate packaging that would increase costs.


Here are a few of my favorite flowers at Trader Joe’s by season:

Spring Favorites

  • In the spring, I like to keep flowers super simple. Spring blooms are so pretty on their own, they don’t need any “filler” at all! I especially love putting them in jars around the house or for outdoor entertaining.
  • Best Trader Joe’s Spring Flower Finds: Tulips, peonies, and daffodils are my go-to’s.
Trader Joe's daffodils in a jar on a table.

Summer Favorites

  • Summer gives me the “mixed” bouquet vibes! There are so many flowers in season in the summer. I just love picking out whatever looks good and throwing them all together. OR Trader Joe’s mixed summer bouquets never disappoint! I have never seen one over $14,99….and if I end up getting a big one, I break it up into smaller bouquets!
  • Best Trader Joe’s Summer Flower Finds: Sunflowers, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, dahlias, lilies.
Trader Joe's daisies in the store.

Fall Favorites

  • Mums are ALWAYS on my list during the fall season! If I do a DIY bouquet of any kind it will always include “rustic” elements like leaves, branches, and berries (Trader Joe’s has all of these!).
  • Best Trader Joe’s Fall Flower Finds: Mums, Alstroemeria, berries, leaves, branches.

Winter Favorites

  • Winter for me, is more about more “formal” flowers (think: holiday centerpieces!). I love rich, warm colors like reds, deep purples, and lots of greenery.
  • Best Trader Joe’s Fall Flower Finds: Roses, holly, poinsettias, amaryllis, greenery.
Trader Joe's greenery in the store.


  • Learn how to perfectly display your Trader Joe’s daffodils so they last!
  • Break up larger, pre-made bouquets into smaller arrangements. Display them in mason jars, glasses, or simple vases in multiple rooms around the house.
  • Trader Joe’s flowers typically come with a flower food packet. I use half the packet in the water for about 4-5 days. Then I change the water and add in the other half. The flowers stay gorgeous for SO LONG this way!

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