Trader Joe’s Weekly Fun Finds (Pancakes, Salad, Sweets & Body Butter)

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Trader Joe's Weekly Fun Finds Graphic.

Fun Find #1: Strawberries and Creme Pancake and Waffle Mix ($3.99)

Trader Joe's strawberries and creme pancake mix.

Hello, summer! This mix was a bit hit at my house. The strawberry flavor isn’t SUPER intense, but it’s mixed with freeze-dried strawberries and white chocolate chips, too. The buttermilk base, makes perfect waffles and pancakes every time.

I like to add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and pile on fresh strawberries (and whipped cream is never a bad idea!).

Downside: The box is pretty small. The entire box will only make about 14 4-inch pancakes.

Fun Find #2: Product ($5.49)

Trader Joe's gluten free strawberry muffins.

Speaking of strawberries…No one in my house is gluten-free yet we are all addicted to these g-gree strawberry muffins! TJ’s carries the cinnamon coffee cake and the chocolate flavors pretty much year-round, but the strawberry flavor is seasonal…and I promise, you won’t want to miss these!

They are pretty pricey at $5.49 for 4, but we usually cut them in half to preserve the life of these precious muffins!

Fun Find #3: Elote Salad ($3.99)

Trader Joe's Elote Salad Kit.
Salad with avocado and chicken made with Trader Joe's Elote Salad kit.

My daughter and I are OBSESSED with this salad. It’s TJ’s typical salad mix of cabbage, carrots, and kale, but it’s the STUFF that goes in the salad that takes it over the top! There’s a cornbread + roasted corn packet that goes in the salad that adds crunch and sweetness and is divine.

The dressing is creamy and smokey with little hints of lime. My favorite way to enjoy it is with avocado and grilled chicken. It also makes a great topping for street tacos or fish tacos!

Fun Find #4: Mini Chocolate Mousse Flowers ($3.99)

Trader Joe's mini chocolate mousse flowers.

I’ll admit I was a sucker for the free sample but holy cow these were good! The mousse filing isn’t too sweet so it doesn’t feel super heavy or overly rich. It’s just plain AMAZING. These are great for a little after-dinner sweet treat…they’re only about 2 (heavenly) bites!

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